Theatine Church

According to history, the funds for building this church were provided by prince Elector Ferdinand Maria along with his wife. They did not have any descendants and when the Lord blessed them with one, the decided to get this church built as a token of their appreciation.

The construction of this church commenced in 1662 and when it was finally completed in 1690, it became the headquarters for the Italian Order of Theatiner monks. Step inside and savor your eyes on the intricate rococo decorations. The walls are decorated with flowers, stuccos, and angels too.

Munich Theatine Church

Munich Theatine Church

Check out the altar, which portrays a fresco, depicting Mother Mary on a throne above a group of holy men and babies. Francois de Cuvilles, the rococo master undertook the design of the church, along with the Italian architects Enrico Zuccalli and Aostino Barelli.

Parts of this church, along with the high altar, were damaged during the bombing of the Second World War. Restoration of the same took place during the 1950s.

Do not miss the two 70 meter towers that compliment the green dome. Walk silently when you walk near the altar because some of Bavaria’s ruling Wittlesbach clans are buried under it.

Munich Theatine Church

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