Nuremberg is located to the north of Munich and is distanced by about 170 kilometers from Munich. Nuremberg is one of the significant industrial centers in Germany, as it is also a good tourist destination where the many sights never cease to lure the attention of the onlookers.

The symbol of Nuremberg, which is the Imperial Castle that dates back to the Early Roman Empire is one of the gorgeous palaces to set sight on. The main building unveils sumptuously furnished rooms, the deep well, the Roman double chapel and the Sinewell Tower. The visitor also can find the collection of old weapons and utensils an intriguing sight. Another important building that draws the attention of the traveler is the Gothic St Lorenz-Kirche.

The Gooseherd Fountain spotted opposite the City Hall unveils the bronze figure related to the gooseherd, which is a wonderful work art in bronze, and the fountain here was created during 1550. The Crafts Yard at Nuremberg is yet another attraction where the visitor can get soaked up in the rich ambience to embark upon exciting strolls here. The shops, lanes, the traditional crafts and the craftsmen happen to be an astonishing sight that beholds the attention of the traveler as when he visits the Crafts Yard.

There are many churches at Nuremberg that deserve a visit, as the list includes the our Lady’s Church, St Sebaldus Church and St Lorenz Church among the many other churches here. The Hangman Bridge that dates back to the year 1457, and which took the form of a wooden bridge has a long story to tell the tourists. Another splendid construction of the past that kindles the curiosity of an onlooker is the medieval tower houses, as the Nassau House with the octagonal corner towers, crenellated top storey and low storey dating back to the thirteenth century is a building to marvel at. The Hauptmarkt set amid picturesque settings is yet another attraction that attracts the attention of the tourists, and this happens to be a notable market for gingerbread.

Nuremberg, Church of Our Lady

Nuremberg, Church of Our Lady

One of the most exotic buildings to be found within Germany is the Staatstheater at Nuremberg, as this gorgeous theatre building offers three sections related to drama, opera and ballet. The Fountain of Virtues found in Nuremberg and which dates back to the year 1589 is yet another gem to be found here. Nuremberg, soaked in history, has many historical delights that amaze the many travelers who set foot to explore this region.