Places To Go In Berlin During Your First Visit

Are you visiting Berlin for the first time? You may already know Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is one of the most eco-friendly cities in Europe. Its sheer size about nine times bigger than Paris could get the first-time visitor confused. Here we present insider information on things you need to know to make your visit to Berlin enjoyable.

berlin cathedral

Getting to Berlin

Berlin has two international airports – Berlin Tegel and Berlin Schoenefeld. The former is located northwest of Berlin while the later is situated southeast.

Berlin Tegel airport is world standard airport and receives mostly first-class flights into the city. Schoenefeld, on the other hand, is relatively lesser in standard and facilities.

Getting into the city from the airport

You will need to take a bus or a taxi from the airport to Berlin city. The easiest way is to use the Berlin airport taxi. They are fast, reliable, and very efficient. You’ll be charged based on how distant your destination is, but the fees are moderate.

Places to visit in Berlin

Depending on where you are lodging, you can tour the following places in any order that is comfortable for you. Being a historic city by all standards, many places in Berlin will pitch you face-to-face with history, culture, and thrills.


  1. Reflect on History at The Holocaust Memorial

Located opposite the US embassy, is the Jewish Memorial. Eisenman designed the long stretch Memorial like a labyrinth. Once passing through, you can feel the eerie graveyard silence as you ponder on one of history’s greatest mistakes. Be sure to put on your good manners as this site is highly respected.

berlin holocaust memorial

  1. Get to see the always crowded Brandenburg Gate

Being another major site of historical significance, many tourists throng the gate regularly. The Brandenburg Gate represents a history of war and peace for Germany and Europe as a whole.

Berlin Brandenburg Gate

Berlin, Brandenburger Tor

  1. Stroll to The Reichstag Building

The Reichstag (also referred to as Bundestag by Germans) is just a few paces away from the Brandenburg Gate. Since 1999 till date, The Reichstag has been the place of meeting of the German Parliament. You may have to book an online appointment before your visit if you like to explore the great architectural grandeur of this remarkable building.

Berlin Reichstag

  1. Don’t hesitate to check out the Unter den Linden Boulevard

Alexanderplatz is about two kilometers walk from Brandenburg Gate. You can take a nature walk as you stroll through Unter den Linden Boulevard to get to Alexanderplatz.

Berlin Unter den Linden Boulevard

  1. Consider seeing The Charlottenburg Palace

Initially built about three centuries back, Charlottenburg Palace prides itself as the largest palace in Berlin. It is quite easy to locate from Unter den Linden Boulevard.

Berlin Charlottenburg palace

All the five sites mentioned above are located within Mitte, Berlin city center. You can take a bus or taxi to see Berlin’s Museum Island and many other historic sites located across Berlin.

Some extra tips for first timers

  • Be sure you hold enough cash to cover your expenses. In Berlin, credit cards are not widely accepted.
  • Ensure you guard your wallets and bags carefully. It is essential to be cautious even when you have assured maximum security.
  • Remember to try out a range of German cuisines. Food is quite cheap in Berlin.
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