Potsdam in Germany is a city with very unique history. With population of 150 000, it used to be the abode and realm of Prussian Monarchs in times past. It was also the domain of Germany Emperors from 1871 through 1918.

In 1933, there was hand-over of the armed forces of Germany to the Adolf Hitler on the soil of Potsdam. Twelve years after, that day took off as being called the “Potsdam day”. Churchill, Stalin and Truman also met to discuss the aftermath of the war in Europe at the Cecilien Palace in Potsdam (Schloss Cecilienhof). This forum is popularly referred to as the Potsdam conference.

Potsdam, Sans Souci

Potsdam, Sans Souci

Since the reintegration of 1990, the Capital of the State of Brandenburg in East Germany has been the city of Potsdam. And as a matter of fact, much has been done in order to ensure that the historical significance of the city is restored in the effort to boost tourism.

Potsdam is very close to Berlin. However, many visitors will prefer to lodge there in Potsdam because the hustle and bustle here is less than that obtainable in the country’s capital city. Therefore, to get there from Berlin, you have to travel on a regional express train. This will take 30 minutes without stop over.

As a visitor to Potsdam, one of most significant places you are surely going to admire is the Sanssouci Park and castle. This place was constructed under King Frederick II, a Prussian way back 1740s.  With reputation as a World Heritage by UNESCO, sincerely, no body will doubt this status. “Sanssouci” is French which connotes “carefree” In fact, with respect to history; this place was built for the king to have a place where he can stay in order to avoid the pressing demands of the palace. The building is relatively small in dimension and the construction is of the Rococo design.

Potsdam, old street

Potsdam, old street

As visitors explore the Sanssouci Park, they should endeavor to see the Orangerie which was constructed according to specifications by King Frederick William IV back in the 1850s. A summer place constructed in 1826, the Charlottenhof is also a place visitors will appreciate. The Chinese Tea house and the Roman baths are recommended places for callers too.

As for film lovers they are bound to love the Babelsberg castle which is renowned as the center of the film industry in Germany. Certainly, the Potsdam film museum will add more flavors to the visit also.

In Potsdam, you will enjoy the cuisine in the over 120 available restaurants.

Wholly, you are bound to have good memories of your time in this German city as you take out time to also visit places like the Dutch Quarters which are 18th century structures built in Dutch design. But as you visit, be prepared for the biting cold during winter. Take note, there are no bad weathers, only bad dressing.