Quedlinburg is located in the district of Harz, in the north of Harz Mountains and in the west of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It was set on the UNESCO world heritage list in 1994. Beautiful half-timbered buildings of Quedlinburg, from at least five different centuries attract tourists from all over the world. Equally interesting are the amazing Jugendstil buildings around the outer periphery of the old town. In fact Quedlinburg is amongst the best-preserved renaissance and medieval towns in Europe.

A humid continental climate prevails in the town, with snowfall occurring almost every winter. The hottest months in Quedlinburg are July and August.

Quedlinburg historic old town

Quedlinburg historic old town

Quedlinburg Tourist Attractions

Collegiate Church of St. Servatius: To experience the beauty of High Romanesque church architecture of Germany, this three-naved collegiate church is a must visit. The friezes and capitals in the middle nave were made by north Italian sculptors. In the crypt lie buried Heinrich I and his wife. In the north transept is a small room wherein you shall find a treasure vault, which encloses the cathedral treasures.

St. Wiperti Church: Located in the southwest of Castle Hill is the Romanesque Church of St. Wiperti along with its famous crypt. The circular crypt and the chancel, the walls decorated with mushroom-shaped Ottonian capitals and alcoves are examples of original 10th century structure.

Market square and town hall: The market place happens to be the heart of the old town. The area got a makeover in the 1970s, with the building and the square getting the much required restoration work. The Renaissance Rathaus (town hall) offers daily guided tours.

Castle Museum: This museum in the Renaissance Castle speaks the story of the imperial palace of Heinrich I, the secular women seminary and much more that was liable to the empire. The objects on display, that is sure to leave anyone spellbound, are the gold disc brooches from Gross-Orden, the Bronze Age hoard from Lehof rock, and the Raubgrafenkasten, a wooden box which is said to have imprisoned Albrecht II of Regenstein.

Must Visit: There are other places that are sure to get you equally delighted, including, Klopstock Museum, Museum of Half-Timbering, Museum of Arts, Crafts and Stained Glass, and Lyonel Feininger Gallery.

Quedlinburg Events and Festivals

The Quedlinburg Summer of Music is a musical festival, in which more than 25 concerts take place, each year, from May to October. There is a different theme decided for each year with symphonic pieces, baroque concerts and experimental music. The Christmas market is sure to get fresh the childhood memories of Christmas.

Quedlinburg old town

Quedlinburg old town

Quedlinburg Transport, Food and Lodging

The airports nearest to Quedlinburg are Leipzig Halle Airport and Hannover. Yet closer is the Magdeburg-Cochstedt, but this is served only by business jets and small private planes. There are many restaurants in Quedlinburg, where you can choose to have the cuisine of your choice. Amongst the best restaurants that you can dine at are Munzenberger Klause, Benedikt Inh. T. Schiker, Prinz Heinrich, Bali Sandinawa and Ratskeller.

The hotels in Quedlinburg provide you with great services, some of the hotels that you can choose to stay in are Family Club Harz, Best Western Grand City Hotel Quedlinburg and Quedlinburg Hof.