As for every person that desires to have a vacation time with memories that are bound to be indelible, the old town of Rudesheim in Germany is a good place to visit. In fact, for persons who are on tour of the river Rhine area, it is wholly worthwhile to come for a unique sight at this alluring city. Here, every caller cannot but be enthralled by the panorama of the vineyards which line the hillside. Rudesheim stretches from the bank of the river to the hillside. Such are the splendors of this quaint town.

In order to have the best of time viewing the city, it is advisable to board a ferry which would take off at Bingen. The insignia of German accord, the Nierderwalddenkmal is also within coverage of sight. The glamour of this great memorial is enhanced by the sunlight as you view it from the waters. Really evening time in Rudesheim can be appealing. Every visitor will surely enjoy the musical notes that emanate from Drosselgasethe, that small German tourist street. It is common on this street to see tourists preparing for dinner, window shopping and also many gravitating towards beer gardens from where the music flows.

Ruedesheim, half-timbered house

Ruedesheim, half-timbered house

The Niederwalddenkmal

To be candid, this statue is one of the remarkable glories of Rudesheim. It is of great height and therefore can be viewed from substantial distance around it. With Germania as the dominant figure, it weighs 30 tons adding 10.5meters to the total 32meters which the monument heights. This massive figurine is almost the size of one of the wonders of the United States, the statue of liberty.

The Niederwalddenkmal was erected from 1877 through 1883 and it is memorial for the war between France and Germany which occurred between 1870 and 1871. It also honors the re-creation of the empire of Germany. However, in recent times, it points to the freedom and unity which Germany now enjoys. This monument cannot but be appreciated by German patriots and foreigners who keep visiting this marvelous site.

The Drosselgasse

Dining and shopping are very common activities in Rudesheim village. The Drosselgasse here in the town, referred to as the smallest German tourist street have beer gardens and bars. Also, souvenirs and different articles that will magnetize tourists are sold in shops that dot the Drosselgasse environment. German cuisine, though more expensive in this city is worthwhile because of the atmosphere. The local food, the Rheingau Reisling and Rheingau Spatlese, both adorable wines are some of the highlights of the miniature tourist street.

Ruedesheim Eibingen Abbey

Ruedesheim Eibingen Abbey

Finally, every tourist must endeavor to see the Glockenspiel. These are the ruins of the famous Rudesheim castle, which is imbued with great enthralling peculiarities.

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