Individuals can bear modern towns and cities to a limit. There comes across moments when they want to move away from the treaded paths and visit towns and cities that are different from the rest. This also happens to those who visit Germany. Fortunately, for them, there are quaint old towns like Sassnitz for them. This quaint magical city lies in the Macklenburg-Western Pomerania and is a must visit for travelers to Germany. There are some interesting sights to see over here that it will take you a good time to complete viewing them all.

The U-boot museum is the favored choice amongst those who are interested in submarines. A former British submarine that is displayed in it will enthrall visitors to this museum. It also acts as a floating museum and tourists to this town are recommended to visit the same.

Sassnitz, lighthouse on breakwater

Sassnitz, lighthouse on breakwater

It would not be a mistake to state that this is a hanging town. At least this is the illusion that one gets when they see the town, which is perched on cliffs above the harbor. This resort town is also famously known as the gateway to the adjacent Jasmund national Park.

The sole zoological garden of Rugen is to be found in this city. Do not forget to take your kids along with you when you visit it. Ask the locals; they will reveal that the famous chalk rocks of the locality inspired famous artists like Caspar David Friedrich.

If anyone among you have still not completed their shopping, then take heart in the fact that this city also boasts of a supermarket. Do not forget to check out the craft centre which is located adjacent to the bus terminus in Putgarten. You can avail of local handicrafts from the shops in this centre.

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