Stuttgart, state capital of Baden-Württemberg, is renowned the world over for its automobile museums. Apart from this, it also boasts of many other attractions that pull tourists from all over the world. Lovers of nature will love the greenery of its parks and gardens.

Lovers of architecture will fall in love with the architecture… the contemporary and the classical… of this city. This city lies in the midst of Germany’s largest wine growing regions. It is also famous worldwide for its traditional festivals. Few people are aware of the fact that this city is quite ancient and dates back nearly 2,000 years.

Stuttgart main square and Kepler memorial

Stuttgart main square and Kepler memorial

Stuttgart main tourist attractions

Bohnenviertel: Developed in the 14th century as a home to the local Jewish community, artisans, and winemakers, it is one of the oldest parts of the city. At one period it was also notorious as the city’s red light zone. However, these are things of the past. Walk along its cobbled streets ad check out the bars, boutiques, along with a wide selection of designer hotels.

Old Castle (Altes Schloss): This impressive and huge castle lies in the heart of the city. Originally built as a defensive fortress towards the end of the 10th century, it was later converted to the residence of Wurttemberg Dukes who is accredited with enlarging it into a magnificent Renaissance palace. A fire damaged it during the early 1930’s and later on, the bombing of the Second World War damaged it further. It has been restored to its former glory. Remember to check out the terraced cloisters on its inner courtyards.

Stuttgart Schlossplatz and Neues Schloss

Stuttgart Schlossplatz and Neues Schloss

Collegiate Church (Stiftskirche): Completed in 1531, this is the Protestant’s main place of worship in the city. On the exterior, its twin Gothic towers, standing 60 meters tall capture the attention of visitors. Its interior boasts of magnificent stained glass and a golden pulpit. One can also find the burial vaults of the former royal family of Wuttemberg. According to the rules of the local building legislation, there is a prohibition on constructing buildings higher than 60 meters.

Weissenhof Settlement: What should one expect when sixteen leading architects including Peter Behrens and Le Corbuiser together plan a building? This structure is a testimony to their efforts. Constructed in 1927, this fascinating art deco complex of structures serves as a guideline for future residential buildings.

Must visit: Apart from the above, tourists should also visit the world famous Stock Exchange, the St. Vitus Chapel, the Palace Gardens, the Carl Zeiss Planetarium, and the Wilhelmina Zoological and Botanical Gardens.

Festivals and Events:

Stuttgart is famous worldwide for its traditional festivals. Enjoy the Summer Festival whose white pavilions, decorated with countless lanterns and decorative lights, are a treat for the eye. Visitors should make it a point to visit the Stuttgart Wine Village where they can find around 120 beautifully decorated arbors.

Transportation, Food & Lodging:

Leinfelden-Echterdingen the sole airport of Stuttgart connects it with the rest of the world. One can reach this city by car via an intersection, neat Stuttgart, of the A91 & A8 highways. There are various hotels, catering to different budgetary ranges. This city is also famous for its gastronomy delights like the Brezei. Do not miss out the fare offered by the Turkish food (Döner) stands.