Things to in Ulm

Famous for being the birthplace of Albert Einstien, Ulm is a German city located close to the Danube River. It is also famous internationally for its church that has the tallest steeple in the world, which soars 161 meters in the sky. Located in the centre of the city and known as the Ulm Minister, […]

Things to in Passau

Also known as Dreiflüssestadt (the city of three rivers), and nestled away on the German/Austrian border, Passau is situated in Lower Bavaria. It is close to the Danube, which is connected on the north by Liz and on the south by Inn. It is famous for its structures including the cathedral of St. Stephen which […]

Bavaria vacations

Bavaria vacations

Bavaria’s capital Munich is well known as the gateway to the Alps – here you are barely an hour’s train ride away from the highest mountain in Germany – the Zugspitze – and before you reach these stunning Alpine scenes, there are beautiful forests and lakes, including the fine spa town of Tegernesee.