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In Germany, Bodensee (known in English as Lake Constance) lies on the Rhine at the northern end of the Alps. It consists of three parts, the Untersee, the Obersee, and the Seerhein. The last named is connected with the Rhine. Three countries, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany share this lake, which derives its name after Bodman, an eight-century Carolingian palatinate.

Lake Bodensee attracts tourists from all over the world because of its beauty and because of the flora and fauna found in its islands. The monastic island of Reichenau is the largest amongst all of the islands. It bears mute testimony to the cultural and religious role that was played by the Benedictine abbey in medieval society.



Tourists are also attracted to this lake because of the fun of floating in the world’s largest working airship. The shapes, colors, and scents of the beautiful gardens fringing the western part of this lake promises to enchant the senses of tourists.

The cultural life of this region will surprise them too. Float above Lake Constance and recall the days of the Zeppelin. Do not forget to check out Hegau, situated to the northwest of the lake.

It is a volcanic landscape, famous for its charming villages, and its palaces & castles. This is also the convergence point of the lake with the Black Forest.

If you are interested in sports then take a look at the 28 golf courses found nearby the lake. Apart from this, tourists can also indulge in the pleasures of the local spas and health resorts.

Tourists from all over the world also prefer this lake because of various types of activities it offers to them. Regardless of your interests, there is bound to be something that will prove to be of interest to you. Skaters, walkers, nature enthusiasts, and especially cyclists will enjoy the 270 kilometers long Lake Constance Cycle route.

If you are interested in Baroque art, you should check out the Weingarten Abbey, which is widely considered as the biggest Baroque Church north of the Alps. Tourists should also take a glance at the Federsee museum, situated in Bad Buchau.

Bodensee, port of Lindau island

Bodensee, port of Lindau island

The area around the Federsee lake is considered as the richest source of archaeological marshlands throughout Europe. Centuries old artifacts are preserved in this museum, making it a must visit for the tourists. The archeological adventure park surrounding the museum provides visitors with an enthralling demonstration of age old craft technologies. One can view how people used to bake bread in clay ovens, how they used to ride in dugout canoes, and much more. One can also view examples of Stone Age houses and huts over here.

Lodging is no problem with a wide plethora of hotels available, with some of the popular ones being Hotel City Krone, Best Western Hotel Goldenes Rad, Apartment Hotel Konstanz, and Hotel The Medusa, and many others. Traveling is no problem since Bodensee has its own airport. It is also well connected with the rest of the country by bus and trains.

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