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Mainz is the chief city of the state of Rheinland-Pfalz, which is at times referred to as Rhineland-Palatinate in the Southwest of Germany. Mainz is located within the Rhein-Main region with Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. This is at the extreme eastern border of the state of Rheinland-Pfalz. With respect to genius, Johannes Gutenberg developed the printing press in Mainz.

For both local and international callers, reaching the city of Mainz is not complicated at all. The city can be reached by flight from the Frankfurt International airport.

Mainz Cathedral

Mainz Cathedral

On getting to Mainz, there are a variety of accommodation services for visitors. They are in their classes and each visitor can find a place that befits his financial capability. However, it is expected that visitors endeavor to book in advance so as to avoid disappointment.

As peculiar to many popular cities in Germany, the discount card for unrestricted use of public services is available for Mainz. In fact, it covers Wiesbaden and will allow for traveling to the airport at Frankfurt. Moreover there are also discounts that are available at attraction sites too. The card is sold at the Mainz tourist Information Office close to the Town hall. In this office you can also receive some counseling on how to move around town.

Really, Mainz offers wonderful sites that will thrill visitors. Mighty churches are there and visitors will be captivated especially by the Cathedral which was dedicated to St Stephen and St Martins. Initially built in 998 AD, it has undergone much facelift since then. However, it still retains elements of fantastic Roman architecture.

The Holy mass holds four times daily and therefore tourists are advised to check for times of worship so that tourism activities will not disturb those worshipping at the cathedral.

The city also showcases interesting places like the Roman-German Museum, while the Drusus’s Mausoleum, the Roman theatre and ruins of the watercourse are certainly worth visiting too.

Mainz, Gutenberg museum

Mainz, Gutenberg museum

Artefacts from the days of the Romans in the city are still preserved at the Landesmuseum Mainz. In there, are the likes of vestiges from pre-Roman days. There are artworks and sculptures that date back to medieval times and on to the 20th century. Degas, Turner, Signac and Sisley all have some of their works in the museum. “The Head of a Woman” Picasso’s painting is also available for the viewing pleasure of callers.

As regards feeding, dotting the city are world class restaurants where highly appetizing cuisine are sold. Factually, one of the peculiarities of Mainz is the fine taste of the wine brewed locally.

In this unique city, your kids cannot be left out of the alluring mode. Therefore, a number of places where young ones can have very interesting experiences are available. So ask for the children’s city guide “Kinderstadtplan” at the Tourist Information Office to view available offers.

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