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To people who are described by The Rolling Stones song as men “of wealth and taste,” then you should definitely visit the land famous for its sauerkraut, bratwurst, and many other delicacies: Germany. Literally at the heart of Europe—since it is bordered by nine other European countries—Germany is the perfect gateway if you want to deliberately get lost in Western Europe. Aside from many historical and cultural destinations, sumptuous and really affordable local delights, and bustling urban scene, the country is also known to seekers of wisdom who wanted to retrace the steps of many German thinkers such as Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, and the Frankfurt School proponents. So whether you are there to take a bite of Germany’s many offers for tourists or just there to experience the country’s very European vibe, here are some tips that will come in handy when you go to Germany.

Hamburg city center

Hamburg city center

Book early—then confirm
Unless you are a backpacker who loves spontaneity, it is absolutely necessary to make reservations for the hotel weeks before you fly, then confirm it three days before you depart for Germany. Word to the wise, though: make sure that you book at a hotel with casino in it, or at least has a casino nearby. Since Germany is a place known for its blazing poker scene, you might as well play poker with locals if you are looking for a unique experience. With countless casinos and poker joints around the country and poker giants like Marvin Rettenmaier of hailed by local players as heroes, Germany might provide you some challenge, but it’s definitely worth it.

Try every food you can see
Germany is home to many culinary delicacies such as a wildly wide variety of sausages, cheese, and bread. For starters, Germans produce some of the finest meat products ever, with many butchers dedicated in a certain kind of product such as sausages, for instance. Aside from sausages, their tasty cold cuts and different kinds of cheese are also loved by many tourists for their unique flavours and extreme palatal satisfaction. However, don’t get discouraged by the rave on these unique German treats, as they come as cheap as they can be. If you ever stumble upon a German deli or restaurant, don’t hesitate to come in and savour the flavours of Germany.

Don’t forget to see German street art
German street art is very alive, especially at night. Although they may not have the famous guerilla street artist Banksy, Germany’s street art scene is thriving. Aside from various art installations around Germany, they also have some of the greatest light painting crews such as FLichtfaktor Crew and Lichtaschtun Kollective. They are notoriously famous in Germany due to their insanely awesome light paintings, as well as some night art installations and projections of several objects at dark.

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