Do you intend to visit Germany for business or leisure? As a matter of fact, one of the places you must not miss as when you get to this beautiful country is Trier.

When you begin to imagine the beauty of this unique city, you cannot but wonder if the captivating sight can actually be described.  The charming aura with which you are enwrapped as you visit the well-maintained Roman structures, beautiful shopping district, appealing town center, and magnificent restaurants as you explore Trier is absolutely exceeding.

Trier Cathedral

Trier Cathedral

As you take out time to experience this place of great worth, you will see specific sites such as the Porta Negra. This is the most remarkable structure in Trier offering a peculiar spectacle to callers. It is a gigantic stone structure which was erected several years ago and served as a refuge for the Romans from the people of Germany. The structure now plays host to lots of people who come trooping in to see the touch of genius on this stone structure. Sincerely, you will love that moment as you walk across the stone passage ways and take a look at vista which the city below showcases.

Shopping and Dinning

As you continue on sight-seeing in Trier, the shopping district is a place you are bound to enjoy too. Here, the architectural and historical splendors are enthralling. Sited some hundred feet away from Porta Negra is the outstanding Cellar Restaurant. Cellar is renowned for the unique old-world ambience and mouth-watering Goulash soup. The shopping district terminates at the main market or Hauptmarkt at the City Square. And there emerges an array of more delightful shopping hubs which lining the sides. This place will also avail you some good view of the wonderful architecture of Trier.

As you exit the city center, you must call at 664 Burgergasse, the birthplace of Karl Marx which now houses the Karl Marx museum.

After the shopping district, visitors can go on to feel the Trier Basilica and the Trier cathedral, both impressive masterpieces of Architecture. Truly, the Basilica used to be a courtroom during the rule of Emperor Constantine.

What about the Pink Palace? Built in the 17th century, it was not completed as scheduled because the nearby Basilica was to be demolished to give room for it. However, this could not be achieved as a result of the people’s outcry. Therefore, it was completed with the basilica untouched but was never residential. It was later used as barracks during World War II.

Trier, ancient Roman baths ruins

Trier, ancient Roman baths ruins

The ancient Roman ruins are also some of the high points of a visit to Trier. The amphitheatre at the outskirt of the city is worth visiting. This peculiar structure has an underground area where you can cast your mind back to the gladiatorial fights.

So as you bask in the splendid aura of Trier, do not forget to visit the Roman baths also.