If you love the atmosphere of a collegiate town, a place where the spirit of youthful enthusiasm, culture, and the arts are snuggly held together with old world flavor then a visit to Tubingen is a perfect choice.

It’s got a healthy population of about 88,000 people, a large number being students as this city is a real university town brimming with educational facilities and the surrounding lifestyle. It’s not all books and learning as this city boasts the Neckar River where much commerce, markets, events and more dress along the banks and there are tours and more to delight any tourist.

Tuebingen, Germany

Tuebingen, Germany

Actually, tourism is the most growing business here so if you visit, which you should you’ll find accommodations for just about everyone there. If you love cobblestone streets with snug walkways, parks filled with lush vegetation and gardens to astound the senses then this city is just for you. It’s a mixture of the old and the new with the latest technologies and medieval flair that makes one think of the days of magic where knights battled for the hands of fair maidens against dragons and sorcerers to emerge victorious amidst pomp and revelry!

It’s romantic to say the least and you’ll find bistros so comfortable you’ll feel right at home, museums full of classics and contemporary art. Music is a large part of the culture there with a number of concerts both indoor and some awesome outdoor venues that you’ll talk about for years to come.

Tuebingen, Castle Hohentuebingen, Baden Wurttemberg

Tuebingen, Castle Hohentuebingen

This town, founded so far back that it probably was around 12 B.C. or more actually has the remnants of Roman influence which the archaeologically interested will find most fascinating. There are dense parks like the Schonbuch where you can walk about and enjoy the greenery. When it comes to green politics you’ll find that liberal flair in most abundance. Tubingen is a leader in applying green technologies to a cosmopolitan and medieval living region. With it’s over 22,000 students you’ll understand why this city has the youngest population in Germany. With such youthful spirits you’ll find sports such as bicycle paths and a safe and exciting nightlife with people who are friendly, intelligent, cultured and with enough energy that you’ll never get bored.

The cuisine is some of the finest in Europe with a combination of foods and beverages that mix both the old and new. Germany is famous for it’s home brewed ales, lagers, and wines that will startle you. You might not want to come back home after you’ve gotten a taste of the finer things in life in this cozy but progressive city.

You’ll find affordable lodging in many areas. From bed and breakfast nooks to first class hotels. You can visit such sights as the Stiftskirche aka the “Collegiate Church” which is the center landmark for the city. You can see the Maktplatz which is where the great shopping occurs. You can shop til you drop there and you’re bound to find items that will become family heirlooms. Don’t miss out on the Schloss Hohenttubingen the castle which is now part of the famous University of Tubingen.

Tuebingen, Historic Town Hall and Market square

Tuebingen, Historic Town Hall and Market square

Food, fun, fashion, art, music, history, all are rolled up into one with the latest technologies, public transportation and friendly atmosphere. Visiting Tubingen will be a real treasure.

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